24 June 2016
Bundit Ungrangsee

Why you want to be the mightiest, the greatest. Why you want to be the best?

It is because being good means happiness; if you don’t try to improve yourself you are not going to have that happiness. Here are some secrets to help you get to the top of the mountain.

  • You Must Have Bigger Goals: keep looking for a new goal after you’ve finished the previous one
  • Increase Your Value: the more your value is, the more money will come to you.
  • Be Around the Winners: surround yourself with leaders and the feeling of being leader.
  • Say Next: rejection is a common thing that shouldn’t be with you forever, but when you succeed in your life, you don’t have to care about it anymore.
  • Take Action: everything happens by your hand, start by making your own dream list.

Because a success is within your reach, you just have to keeping doing it.

By Bundit Ungrangsee

Unilever Network Global Summit Seminar 2014