International E-COMMERCE marketing of unilever

24 November 2016
Mr.Keith Higgins Executive Vice President & Head of Global E-Commerce – Unilever

Unilever has been standing on the world stage of E-commerce since 2011. The vital aspect that continuously makes Unilever’s E-Commerce a pleasure to run is its customer service. We listen and try to understand needs of customers as our top priority. This especially applies to customers in the target group. These customers are always invited to join in on building content with the effort to build brand loyalty and work our way towards a deal.

Customers don’t passively receive one-way media anymore. They take information and news from multimedia we refer to as OMNI CHANNEL. Therefore, the use of Smart Data is important to stand out in the online world. Smart Data analyzes marketing factors to accurately understand what customers need, what they tend to view or click on the most, and what makes them buy products. Results showed that 36% of customers would find information about the product before they decided to buy it.

Excellent brands create needs with good presentation, but choosing a market with high potential is also crucial. Attempt to trade with partners that helps you grow. A good attitude can inspire a new business plan as well. The Unilever Network has a business platform that helps you grow at an unbelievable pace with the new business model “OMNI CONNECT.” It will connect every dot together to reach everyone all at once.

The most important thing that helps the brand succeed is collecting every detail on every process to analyze and truly know about customer behavior, and success with OMNI CONNECT.