As a bank employee dissatisfied with his current way of life, Mr.Aphiwat changed his status into the owner of an auditing office. He soon realized the burden of financial responsibilities, inconsistent income, and business risks that came with owning a business, unlike some of the network businesses he had tried which were risk-free and didn’t require as much investment while providing a considerable return. Upon realizing this, he moved towards building his own business at Unilever Network, accumulating over 30 million Baht income, and answered his desire to become the inspiration for people seeking a life full of happiness and prosperity.


To escape poverty is the ultimate goal of Mr.Aphiwat when he first started as a bank employee. As his salary alone might not help him find what he is looking for, he took an interest in network businesses and the concept of financial freedom and time. However, the fact that company he joined back then lacked professionalism put a stumble on his roadmap to success, so he turned to open an auditing office and became a full-fledged business owner. Even though he became his own master and his salary was good, but he realized that although he would have been busy for only three months per year, he would be burdened by monthly expenses and risks. This led him to think of a network business which holds the answer to happiness and prosperity that he was looking for, requires only a one-time registration fee, can be managed in every affiliated countries, produces an exponential income, and most importantly is a form of Passive Income. This time, he chose to trust in and grow along with Unilever Network.


Nowadays, Mr.Aphiwat has both the wealth and happiness from this business, and move on to spread the idea in affiliated countries that the business is not only about selling things, but it is about opening the door of opportunity for everyone to become a business owner risk-free. What the business requires from them, however, is to embrace the spirit of a business owner, understand dividend plans, study and use the products to increase understanding, and give this opportunity to others, for the success that is driven by one’s motivation for others and the chance to fulfill happiness and replenish positive energy for oneself and others bring about a society of warm and sincere friendship. It does not matter who comes first, because everyone has equal chance of meeting their ultimate success. These are among the charms and beauty of the business that Mr.Aphiwat grew to love. In terms of investment, a small fee of 600 Baht that enables one to embrace Unilever Network worldwide and gain access to every tools at their disposal in order to become a millionaire businessperson is more than worth it in terms of happiness and prosperity and cannot be found anywhere else.