Husband and wife from Malaysia, the once proud owners of a mobile phone business closed during the infamous Tom Yum Goong Financial Crisis, carried the remnant of their business in the form of 18 million baht debt with them. This change of event led them to a kind of business which provides Passive Income, but they decided that for them, it must be the best of the best in terms of reputation and stability. They both put their trust in Unilever Network. In only a few years, Mr.Jerry and Mrs.Jane had succeeded in reaching many of their business milestones and accumulated over a hundred million Baht from Unilever Network Business, bringing balance to the business and family.


Taking a liking to the idea of Passive Income, Mr.Jerry and Mrs.Jane moved to settle down in Thailand with the hope to continue from their first successful network business in Malaysia. In the golden age of mobile phones, they followed the trend and became the owners of mobile phone business, which had ended in failure due to the economic crisis, leaving them with a large debt of 18 million Baht, despite them having just had borrowed money from the bank to buy a family property. This turn of event led the husband and wife back to chasing after the best network business again. They collected and study information from several companies for over six months, because they wanted to do business with a company that has high readiness, stability, high quality products, and is among the most professional out there. Therefore, both decided to join Unilever Network, and within only two years, they were able to multiply their income to about a million baht per month, the rate which would remain constant for every month onward.


Even though they started from the negative, but with their personal chant of success, “Do it now, do it everywhere. Do it, do it, do it!” Mr.Jerry and Jane have put themselves on a never ending road to continuous success and laid the foundation of an international business with limitless income. Unilever Network also gave both of them life fulfilling awards throughout their endeavor, including prosperity, a sustainable future, and also immeasurable happiness gained from giving other people the very same thing across the globe. Mr.Jerry and his wife travelled as VIPs to many countries with the determination to build the largest team of millionaire businesspeople in the world. He always say that every one of us can be like him. With enough inspiration, strong motivation and belief, and a legal business channel such as Unilever Network, nothing is “impossible”.