THE 30 MILLION BAHT CLUB Miss Oranong, a marketer in a dream pursuit to work with Unilever, the global consumer goods corporation, did not hesitate to join Unilever Network, a newly launched business venture that offers partnership with the Company. Her decision was rewarded as the business not only helped her to achieve her life goals but enabled her to offer life-changing opportunities to others. Currently, her accumulative earnings have bypassed 30 million baht. Beyond that, she has experienced true and tangible freedom of time and money.     With Unilever Network, Miss Oranong has received greater returns than she expected. Where at first it was merely a part-time, after-hours source of income, after two years of consistently garnering over a 100,000 baht per month, she decided to resign from her regular job. Through her earnings she owns a luxurious car and several city center condominiums. But what she loves most about the business is the freedom of time. When her father fell ill and spent a long tenure in the hospital, she was able to fully attend to him until his last breath; all the while her business sustained itself. She now cares for her mother, regularly taking her travelling around the world. She credits Unilever Network for truly transforming every aspect of her life and helping her to aspire to bigger goals. Every day, she wakes up with a purpose to focus on her life goals. Miss Oranong believes that building sustainable wealth is better than amassing short-term gains. Unilever has proven this through improving the lives of people across the globe for over a hundred years. This is the reason she has never thought to quit the business. The secret to success, Miss Oranong says, is in having a positive mindset, always being a giver and and thinking like a business owner. It gives one direction. Persistence without direction will result in wasted effort. As the saying goes, ‘Your vision determines your success, and your success depends on your vision.’ Once you have your compass set in the right direction, the rest is up to perseverance in doing the ground work, using the products, participating in functions, sponsoring people into the business and closely following in the path set by those who have already succeeded. At Unilever Network there are no employers or employees, everyone is a business owner. To be successful, one must not only have knowledge but actually do it and experience it by themselves. Miss Oranong’s next business objective is to grow her business to twice it’s size and to expand to other Countries, potentially growing as much or more than in Thailand.