The family life of Mrs.Parranee and Mr.Tassapon was completed by the arrival of their daughter, but then took a turn for the worse when Mr.Tassapon suffered critical injuries from being shot and had to spend years recuperating. With a family to look after and medical bills to pay, the combined salary of a normal employee and a police officer alone could not cover the expenses. Mrs.Parranee, who fortunately had been involved in a Unilever Network Business for quite some time, decided to dedicate herself to the business full-time and made a six-digit fortune when the situation demanded a huge leap in salary, successfully bringing the family out of crisis. Both Mrs. Parranee and Mr.Tassapon have vigorously immersed themselves in the Unilever Network, accumulated more than 10 million baht of wealth, and continued to expand the business with a clear objective.


The love life of Ms. Parranee, a young student from an acclaimed university, and Mr.Tassapon, a royal police cadet, may sound like the plot of a romantic love story. After marriage and having a child of their own led to a dramatic increase in family expenses, the combined salary of a company employee and a police officer proved to be barely sufficient. This revelation and a friend’s suggestion drove Mrs. Parranee to Unilever Network in order to establish an additional source of income. Despite Mr.Tassapon’s early protests, upon studying the business in every dimension and especially its law aspect, it passed with flying colors in both of their perspectives, and the family gained an additional source of income to cover their expenses. However, a tragedy struck the family when Mr.Tassapon suffered critical injuries from being shot with a total of 8 bullets. During his time of recuperation, Mrs. Parranee became the pillar of the family. She took care of both her husband and her daughter. She managed her routine job along with Unilever Network, and strengthened her resolve to lead her family out of this crisis. At that time, Unilever Network became the primary source of income for the family.


After quitting the routine job and fully immersing herself in Unilever Network, Mrs.Parranee made three times the original salary. When a three-month period had passed, her monthly six-digit salary only continued to increase. Although Mr.Tassapon’s incident incapacitated him, leaving him in a wheelchair, he still remains a full-fledge business partner, and commented that however limited his choices may be, this business gives him an equal stance among others, because it disregards the difference in experience, knowledge, and even disability. Mr.Tassapon has proven to us that this business is not as hard as it looks, and it can be successful. The Boolong family’s standard of living dramatically improved; they moved from a flat to a house, changed their old second-hand pickup to a luxury car, and sent their daughter to a preferred school. Mrs.Parranee and Mr.Tassapon have continued to challenge themselves with bigger goals, and given their all in every day. Their lives today are the best testament to how Unilever Network is a secondary revenue stream that can make millions for you if you are ready.