Mr.Prakit was a military officer and a pilot with a firm belief on his occupation stability and perks. That belief was shaken when a plane crashed, killing the senior pilot who has a wife with advanced pregnancy. Mrs.Suphattra, who grew up helping her mom and witnessed her hardships, wanted to improve their quality of life. The silver lining of Hongwisat family bestowed them with a stable future when both entered Unilever Network Business and began their first step towards continuous successes.


Mr.Prakit, who always deliberated upon ways to improve his family’s financial stability and wondered about the day when he would no longer be with his family, and Mrs.Suphattra, who spent her childhood selling fruits, farming, painting houses, and helping her mother, used to starve for her children and struggled greatly in her pursuit of a suitable business that can provide an additional source of income. However, her endeavor into a waste recycle business ended in an over ten million baht in debt, leaving a bad impression upon businesses which require a large amount of funds. Both of them decided to try again with Unilever Network Business, a risk free business requiring only 600 Baht in registration fee which promises the possibility of hundreds of thousands or millions of baht worth of income to those who truly commit themselves and carefully study the business. In only a few years, the product of their devotion towards the business had born fruit and turned the table for the family, allowing them to live together in a large house, a car, the opportunity for their children to enter prestigious schools, and the chance to take good care of their parents in time of good health and sickness. The family is filled with the true sense of happiness.


The more they participate in the Unilever Network Business, the more confident both feel in uplifting their quality of life approachable by all under the greatness and readiness of Unilever, a colossal scale company which has maintained its leadership status for more than a hundred year. For both Mr.Prakit and Mrs.Suphattra Hongwisat, not only have they grown this business through accumulating customer bases who have access to good quality product and building the strongest team in Thailand, but also in every affiliated country. Furthermore, Unilever Network also awarded the Hongwisat family many trips to more than ten countries abroad. The most important thing of all, however, lies in the ability to pass on good opportunities to endless number of people, enabling them to taste true financial freedom and time for themselves.