It took 17 years in total to climb from a normal employee to the position of a top-level investment analysis executive of a monetary institution with over six digit salary, but for Mr.Visootr, it took him a little more than two years in Unilever Network Business which granted him three times the original salary he got while also doing his routine job. Unilever Network Business made him see the big opportunity and changed his employee-centric perspective into that of a full-fledged Unilever Network businessman with the income accumulation of over 50 million baht and the unstoppable growth supported by global business goals.


Mr.Visootr was invited several times by his neighbor to visit Unilever Network Business at the main office, which he had always declined due to the fact he, a top-level executive of a monetary institution and person who already had a house, a car and a million baht worth of bonus, simply couldn’t see anything better than this. However, when he finally got to listen to the idea behind Unilever Network and the concept of “What would you like better: a business that you have to put 100% into, or a business that requires only 1% from 100 people”. That concept is Passive Income. From an investment analyst’s point of view, he was thrilled by the possibility of such a business opportunity in Unilever Network and began his intensive study into the business, which include reading books, listening to CDs, and talking to successful people of this business, all of which had Mr.Visootr changed his viewpoint of an employee into the viewpoint of a business owner who faced the fear of failure by action and clear cut goals. This enabled him to produce over a hundred thousand and a million Baht salary and a set of sustainable plans.


The concept and the spirit of a business owner are necessary in this business. To achieve true success, one must set goals, plan, and act continuously. For Mr.Visootr, success is in the form of travelling, and during his trips, he always made sure to improve his abilities in both domestic and international seminars, advancing his English and Chinese languages, and following the digital trend, all in order to move his Unilever Network Business to affiliated countries such as Malaysia and Singapore and eventually go global in the digital world. A millionaire lifestyle and free time he has for his family as a result of doing this business had enchanted and inspired his undergraduate son who had been exposed to the business for over ten years to follow his father’s footstep to become the owner of Unilever Network Business under a stable company, superb quality products, good organizational cultures, and a guarantee for a sustainable success.