There is no company that affects people’s lives more than Unilever

More than two billion people in over 150 countries use Unilever products daily, while more than 400 high quality brands within 14 groups of health and life improvement products have become a part of people’ daily lives across the globe.

Unilever has always been the leading, largest consumer goods company in the world with rapid and continuous growth, a strong foundation that has stood the test of time for more than a hundred years, and has a sustainably bright future.

Unilever Network, a new phenomenal business model in the form of OMNI CONNECT, a framework that combines networks and online channels together

Unilever, being the leading global consumer goods corporation, significantly revolutionizes the business world with its expansion into the network business. Unilever Network introduces OMNI CONNECT, the framework that combines the strengths of both network channels and the modernized online channels together to form a unique system. The OMNI CONNECT model paves way for a smoother and all-time accessible business transaction that meets modern lifestyles and allows people to have fun with generating income anywhere and anytime by being a business owner of their own choosing.

Whether you are a Privileged Shopper (PS), an Affiliate (AF), or a Business Associate (BA), you can experience the next level of convenience in shopping and sharing through various channels (Touch Points) and the enjoyment from sharing to receiving endless income. Unilever Network gives you the opportunity to have fun with a worry-free lifestyle of your own free choosing, just like our business goal: “Enriching Life, Shaping your future.”

Unilever Network operates mainly in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and Cambodia through a modern, globally accessible e-commerce system, allowing you to receive your returns from people across the globe and a business opportunity of truly epic and boundless proportion.

Start your journey to fulfill life and create the future today.

Big Opportunity

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Build your own customer or member network through an easily accessible online system for smooth business, through e-commerce websites, smartphone applications, or shops.

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